Peavey Mixer PV10 AT (Auto-Tune)

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The all new PV® series mixing consoles include Peavey’s reference-quality mic preamps that spec in at an incredible 0.0007% THD, making the PV series mixers excellent for live or recording applications. This amazingly versatile mixer is at home both in the studio as well as live applications.
Features such as Bluetooth®* allow connection to almost any “smart” device. Multiple direct outs per channel allow easy connection to most DAW interfaces for recording. In addition, the PV mixers can stream audio directly to a PC. MP3 playback is also available via USB A port and LCD display. Peavey’s exclusive guitar shape adjusts the EQ and preamp specifically for guitar. Hi pass filters on every channel remove unwanted rumble and noise, and balanced AUX and Master outputs ensure a clean noise-free signal to your powered speakers or power amplifier.

The PV® 10 AT and PV® 14 AT Series mixers come equipped with Auto-Tune pitch correction, assuring your audience will experience perfectly tuned vocals to complement the crystal-clear audio of the PV® mixer

2 Channels of Antares® Auto-Tune • Global 48 Volt Phantom Power • Dual Selectable Control Room Outputs • 2 Channels of Compression • High Impedance Guitar Preamp • 4 Direct Outputs for Recording • Channel Mute Buttons • 4 Channels of Reference-Quality Mic Preamps • Signal, Mute/Clip LED's • Master Level LED Meter Bridge • USB to PC for Recording and Playback • Precision 60mm Faders On Stereo Master Outputs • Built-in Digital Effects with LCD Display • New slim, low-profile design • Bluetooth Wireless Input • Convenient tablet cradle • 3 -band EQ per Channel with bypass • Equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, A2DP • MP3 Playback via USB A Input • Stereo USB-B streaming audio in and out 16-bit, up to 48kHz sample rates • Kosmos®-C Audio Enhancement

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