FGN J Standard Iliad JIL-ASH-DE664-M OPW - Electric Guitar

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Taken from FGN’s J Standard range of electric guitars, the FGN J Standard Iliad JIL-ASH-DE664-M is here presented in an Open Pore White finish with Maple fretboard. Beautifully made in Japan, this guitar has a longer 26.14" (664mm) Scale, perfect for down tuning. Unique features include the FGN Circle Fretting System (C.F.S.) and handmade fret edges. EMG Pickups and Gotoh Locking Tuners complete the package.

Supplied in an FGN gig bag, the FGN J Standard Iliad JIL-ASH-DE664-M is now available from Merchant City Music. Visit us in our Glasgow store, where a member of staff will be happy to talk you through its features. Alternatively, buy online for fast delivery to the UK, Europe and beyond. Every guitar we sell undergoes a rigorous check over and full professional setup before dispatch, ensuring you receive the best possible example.


If you’re accustomed to playing high end Japanese-made instruments, the likelihood is that you’ve already played an FGN (Fujigen); the company originally built its reputation as an OEM manufacturer for the world’s most respected brands. Now, with their own range of guitars, they exercise creative independence over instrument design, while maintaining their time-won attention to detail.

This Tele-style J Standard Iliad JIL-ASH-DE664-M model has been designed for metal players. Its 26.14" (664mm) scale length allows the use of drop tunings, while maintaining exquisite tension, sound and playability even in Drop-C tuning. Unique to FGN guitars is the Circle Fretting System (C.F.S.). Slightly curved frets are mounted so as to ensure that each string and fret intersects at right angles, minimising the contact surface. The result is accurate pitch, cleaner, longer sustain and true harmonics. Another unique feature - the J-Standard Fret Edge treatment - contributes to much smoother fingering.

Unique features and outstanding build quality are met by top-quality components. The J Standard Iliad JIL-ASH-DE664-M is fitted with Gotoh SG381-07 MG-T locking tuners, resulting in silky smooth tuning action, superb tuning stability, and lightning fast string changes. Twin EMG pickups - an 81TW in the neck and 85 in the bridge - complement the longer scale, allowing for the heaviest of solos and riffs.

We’re very proud to stock the beautifully-made FGN J Standard Iliad JIL-ASH-DE664-M Open Pore White in our Glasgow store; very few brands offer such a high level of quality for the price.

• Ash body in Open pore finish

• 664mm long scale Maple 1-pc neck

• EMG81/85 pickups

• Push-Pull Tone pot. for neck pickup coil tap

• GOTOH Magnum Lock tuners

• Original gig bag

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